The financial aspects of caring for an aging loved one are often a gray area. It can be difficult to predict upcoming health-related expenses and estimate how much help will be needed. Yet the costs of caregiving tend to run steep. The value of family and friend caregiving amounts toContinue Reading

Many workers are able to reduce their health insurance premiums by signing up for a high-deductible health insurance plan and pairing it with a health savings account. HSAs provide a triple tax benefit: You don’t have to pay income tax on your contributions, the money in the account grows withoutContinue Reading

Like many, Kate Lyons, 30, of Portland, Oregon, likes to have a cold one after a run.A former resident of Providence, Rhode Island, she’s joined friends for several Craft Brew Races, 5-kilometer (or slightly over 3-mile) jaunts run mainly on the East Coast that are followed by a craft brewContinue Reading