Mills CollegeA student walks through a scenic portion of campus.Mills CollegeIn John Bischoff’s grad seminar on electronic music performance, Rob Seaback gives a quick performance in the concert hall of Mills College. Mills CollegeThis unique room in the Lorry I. Lokey Graduate School of Business is dubbed the “floating classroom.”MillsContinue Reading

For Vincent Proy, 28, deciding to become a rural family doctor wasn’t a tough call. His father has a family practice in his hometown of Corry, Pa. (population 6,834), and growing up, Proy saw firsthand what the job was like. “I knew I wanted to practice rural family medicine becauseContinue Reading

Thomas Edison’s now ubiquitous incandescent light bulbs will soon be a dim memory, phased out by 2014 because they use too much energy. The great light hope to replace them is the kind of bulbs made from light-emitting diodes, or LEDs. More efficient even than their green rival, compact fluorescentContinue Reading

When California resident Joshua Arnold gained acceptance to Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education, his decision to attend seemed simple—the school is first rate, and Harvard offered him a full scholarship. Harvard’s mix of innovative theory and practical experience was exhilarating, but Arnold isn’t sure how well it prepared himContinue Reading

Hypersonic aircraft—including space vehicles re-entering the atmosphere—routinely rocket along at thrilling but dangerous velocities, well beyond the speed of sound. Back on Earth, working to keep them safe, is an aerospace engineering Ph.D. student named Tom Juliano.At a Mach 6 wind tunnel operated by Purdue University, Juliano studies airflows nearestContinue Reading